[OA] = Our Attorneys

An IP firm needs efficient clerical staff and processes. However, developing IP strategy, advising on risks and opportunities, and drafting, prosecuting and defending patents, is dependent on the skills of individual attorneys. Experience matters and can be the difference between success and failure.

Anthony Brierley (Director)

Chartered Patent Attorney, European Patent Attorney, Registered Trade Mark Attorney, Chartered Trade Mark Attorney.

More than 30 years’ experience.

First class honours degree in chemistry from the University of Durham.

In excess of 400 original patent specifications prepared and prosecuted hundreds of patents to grant.

Provided patents advice in diverse technical fields including: wide range of mechanical devices and apparatus, high-performance polymers and manufacturing processes, fuel cells and membranes for fuel cells, medical devices, orthopedic implants, dental implants, pharmaceuticals, lithographic printing, packaging materials and technologies; additive manufacture including novel polymers, hot isostatic pressing (HIP) technology, graphene (and related materials) including manufacture, food science, foodstuffs, food ingredients and processes, oil recovery technologies and chemicals, fuel additives, road-surfacing materials, speciality chemicals, combinatorial chemistry and devices, photo-initiators, foams, paints and coatings, chemicals extraction technologies, toys and games, trailer couplings, car park designs, ventilation apparatus and soil remediation.

Advised on in excess of 10,000 new trade marks for a wide range of clients including Asda, Walmart, J.D. Wetherspoon, The Sage Group, Perspex, Lucite, Samsung, Victrex, numerous entrepreneurs, SMEs, other attorney firms and Universities.

Provided world-wide trade marks advice, including clearing trade marks for use, filing applications and pursuing and defending oppositions across wide range of goods and services including: clothing and other apparel, household goods, toys, chemicals and polymers, food and drink, computer software, retail services, business services, banking services and many more.

Negotiated patent and trade marks settlement agreements, developed patent and trade marks strategies, advised investors and target companies, filed and defended patent and trade mark oppositions, advised on licensing and assignment of IP rights.

Acted for numerous entrepreneurs starting out and for companies large and small.

Bob Pidgeon (Consultant)

Chartered Patent Attorney, European Patent Attorney, Registered Trade Mark Attorney, IP Litigation Certificate.

More than 30 years’ experience.

First class honours degree in Natural Sciences specialising in Materials Science from the University of Cambridge.

Many hundreds of patent applications prepared, filed and taken to grant.

Provided patents advice and secured strong patents in diverse technical fields including: polymers, alloys, graphene, intumescent coatings, paints, adhesives, personal cleaning products, prosthetics, textiles, sanitising gels, household cleaning compositions, carbon capture, paper recycling, 3-D printing, fuel additives, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, medical apparatus, engineering and building products and food technology.

Handled many patent disputes to successful conclusions in proceedings before the UK and European Patent Offices including oppositions and appeals.

Developed IP strategies to meet clients’ objectives and maximise the benefit from their investment in IP.  

Secured many good outcomes from infringers of clients’ patents without requiring full legal action. At the same time kept clients away from patent disputes with competitors, by conducting effective Freedom-to-Operate (FTO) (or ‘Clearance’) investigations.

Negotiated and advised on IP agreements of all types, including confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, assignments (transfers), licences, cross-licences, settlement agreements, investment agreements (IVs) and joint venture agreements (JVs).

Acted for individuals, entrepreneurs, investors, small and medium sized companies, multinationals and Universities.

[EC] = Experience Counts



[] Built up IP portfolio over several years and provided due diligence support to household name food company during and subsequent to several acquisitions.

[] Over a period of about five years, identified inventions and built-up patent portfolio from only two patent families to in excess of ten, leading to the sale of the company for about £400 million to a US Corporation.

[] Advised venture capital company on strengths and weaknesses of patent portfolios of several potential investments. Subsequently appointed to act for one of the acquired companies, to build up a patent portfolio to capture value and support subsequent investments.

[] Acted for several University spin out companies including one in the oil recovery area which was subsequently sold to multi-billion dollar Canadian Corporation.

[] Acted for newly formed dental implants business, worked with multiple inventors to identify and capture inventions, undertook multiple patent filings, cleared for use and protected its trade marks.

[] Harvested inventions for orthopaedics company to enhance company value.

[] Acted for local consultant surgeon in protecting inventions and associated trade marks, culminating in sale of associated business to international company.

[] Over a period of more than 20 years, protected multiple inventions for toy company, defended attacks on validity of its patents, took action against infringers and advised on oppositions and infringements of its trade marks.

[] Consulted by major international company to provide second opinion on patent drafts for well-known over-the-counter medication to optimise patent protection.

[] Conducted FTO (‘Clearance’) reviews for a FTSE100 company to establish that products can be sold on a low-risk basis from competitor patents in many countries, including in Europe, North America, China, South Africa and Brazil.

[] Numerous European Patent Office Oppositions successfully handled.

[] Advised UK food company on Patent Box, identified and patented invention, leading to multi-million pound Patent Box corporation tax saving.

[] Negotiated advantageous trade mark settlement for small food company, against multinational household name drinks company.

[] Advised UK supermarket on look-alike brands.

[] Successfully defended multi-million-pound UK clothing brand, in multiple trade mark oppositions and threats of infringement proceedings.

[]  Appointed as lead trade mark attorney for FTSE100 and FTSE250 companies.